The New York Times

“Make time for Meyer’s Olde Dutch (184 Main Street), a new diner with a killer crispy chicken sandwich and loaded double-patty burger. The same chef/owner, Brian Arnoff, is rightfully lauded for Kitchen Sink Food & Drink (157 Main Street), featuring a good wine list and seasonal, delicious dishes like creamy sweet corn gnocchi with crab meat. Sit in the serene back patio.”

Visiting Bannerman Castle, August 29, 2017 


The Valley Table

"It's exactly 139 steps from Meyer’s Olde Dutch, a new hamburger and cocktail joint near the west end of Beacon’s Main Street, across the street to Kitchen Sink, a 24-seat restaurant, opened in 2015, that’s become well known and well loved by locals for its blend of global flavors with family-centered “comfort” dishes..."

Brian Arnoff of Kitchen Sink, Issue 82, June 2018

Organic Hudson Valley

"The mission is simple: serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week.”  So states the Menu page on Brian Arnoff’s Kitchen Sink Food & Drink’s website. Just a brief collection of words but ones that say it all. Mission. Simple. Serve. Delicious. Affordable. Guests. Return. That pretty much sums up this fairly new but already much-beloved eatery staking its claim in the bustling, booming big-little-town of Beacon, NY...."

Fiercely and Deliciously Local, March 29, 2018



Chef Brian Arnoff of Kitchen Sink Food & Drink and Meyer's Olde Dutch joins Food Friday to detail his favorite Hanukkah dishes.

Food Friday: Hanukkah Cooking, December 15, 2017


BU Today

"Offers a mash-up of comfort food and high-end cuisine, all made with local ingredients, including vegetables from Arnoff’s mom’s nearby farm."

Alum’s Butternut Squash Lasagna Recipe for Thanksgiving Pizzazz, November 20, 2017

Chef-owner of Kitchen Sink Food & Drink serves up sweet crab blintzes for the holidays, December 18, 2017

poughkeepsie journal.jpg

Poughkeepsie Journal

"Meyer's Olde Dutch Food & Such is more than just a burger joint in the City of Beacon."

Dining: 5 Hot New Restaurants to Try This Fall, October 11, 2017


Hudson Valley Magazine

Kitchen Sink named Best of Hudson Valley, Comfort Food.

“This personal farm-fueled model has produced nothing but outstanding results”

Cultivating the Menu at Kitchen Sink Food & Drink, July 29, 2017

hv eats.png

Hudson Valley Eats

The burgers were tasty and the fries were perfectly cooked.”

Meyer’s Olde Dutch Opens in Beacon, July 10, 2017



“Knowingly cozy and appropriately Beacon, featuring comfort food with a twist for worldly folks who crave the unexpected.”

“Perfect comfort food coming from a place of care and peace.

Everything But: Kitchen Sink Food & Drink, April 1, 2017


Southwest Dutchess

“There's no secret to Arnoff's success. It's all about the food.”

Kitchen Sink Food & Drink Earning Reputation As Beacon Favorite, February 20, 2017




Audio interview with Chef Brian Arnoff, Featuring butternut squash lasagna recipe

Food Friday, January 27, 2017

USA today.png

USA Today, The Poughkeepsie JournaL

Kitchen Sink gluten free latkes recipe, Brian Arnoff byline

'Grandma-influenced' Foods Sweeten Hanukkah Memories, December 18, 2016

poughkeepsie journal.jpg

Poughkeepsie Journal

"[Kitchen Sink Food & Drink in Beacon] was named one of 2016’s Best Restaurants by Hudson Valley Magazine one of many local eateries that has embraced the farm-to-table movement by sourcing local goods for its menu items."

Young Chef Relishes Valley Roots, Local Goods, August 11, 2016


Hudson Valley Magazine

“This welcome newcomer has quickly become a must-try.”

Kitchen Sink Food and Drink, Beacon, February 24, 2016


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