We’re Back!


The Kitchen Sink staff and I are so happy to be back in the kitchen after our short hiatus!  We truly missed serving you the very best of Hudson Valley flavor – but while we were away, we were able to accomplish some serious “food research” (aka eating)! 


During our break, I visited Thailand with my wife Jaimee. We visited Bangkok and Chaing Mai and ate at some of the most amazing restaurants. From one-dish street vendors to world class restaurants, every bite was more flavorful than the last.  Thais love to showcase ingredients unique to the region like water spinach, Wing beans and Thai river prawns.  We sampled items typically associated with Thai food in the U.S., like Som Tom Thai or green papaya salad or Phat Thai (better known here as Pad Thai).  These classics, although similar to their American counterparts, showcased the beauty that is simple food prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. In addition to the classics, we tried several regional specialties that are hard to find in the States, such as Sai Ua Samun Phrai, a Thai-style pork sausage and Khao Soi, a northern Thai curry and noodle dish. As we work on menu changes over the coming month all this and more will be weighing heavily on my palate and I look forward to bringing some of the delicious flavors that make up Thai cuisine right here to Beacon.


Now that we’re back, there is so much to look forward to in February!  Most importantly, we are doing a community event on February 10th to benefit the Poughkeepsie Day School!  10% of all the night’s proceeds will go to the school and the families it serves.  As my alma mater, we couldn’t be more excited to see what familiar faces come out to support this great cause while filling the bellies of our neighbors!


February also brings with it Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day – and we just want to remind you that Kitchen Sink accepts takeout orders AND reservations!  Stay tuned for other news and promos by liking us at www.facebook.com/KitchenSinkBeacon.


That’s all for now.  Come visit soon!


-Chef Brian