Friend, Family and Fellow Foodies:


Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?


And, did you know that eating local has all kinds of health benefits?


In fact, eating local is just as much about personal nutrition as it is about local economic benefits. When something is grown locally and cared for by a person or family that relies on the quality of the product, you know that they didn’t take shortcuts. That just one of the reasons why we believe that it’s important to support Hudson Valley farmers and food purveyors.  Cooking and serving meals made from healthy, nutritious and flavorful ingredients is a top priority for Kitchen Sink – and luckily for us, the Hudson Valley has an abundance of fresh produce that hits the mark!


We also recognize that even the best farm to table menus can be tricky if you are trying to stick to a diet or specific food plan.  We, at Kitchen Sink, are proud to offer options for Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan customers and often find that those options are some of the healthiest selections!  But, if you aren’t into those, there are plenty of ways you can still maximize nutrition and healthy choices, while indulging in a meal to remember.  Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

1.        Order Local, Eat Local, LOVE local: Try to eat at restaurants that use local ingredients.  It’s not always about low calorie, but what is actually healthier.  Local ingredients tend to be more nutritious as they were more recently picked and have not lost vital nutrients while they were being shipped across the country.  They also haven’t been factory processed and are more wholesome.

2.        Sharing is caring: Often times restaurants serve portions too big to finish.  Instead of ordering your own, think about ordering a soup or salad and then sharing a main.  Or another solution is to order appetizers as mains, since these are usually a bit smaller in size.    

3.        Know your Rolls: Lets be real, everybody digs into the breadbasket put out before the meal – even if the bread isn’t that great.  We have a rule that we only eat bread at a restaurant where the bread is made locally or in house.  It has to be special to be worth eating. 

4.        Feast on Fish:  If you can find a restaurant that serves wild caught local fish, you are in luck.  Wild caught seafood is more eco-friendly, it’s better for your body because it won’t have hormones pumped into it.  Plus, ounce for ounce, fish is a less caloric form of protein.

5.        Don’t Whine, WINE.  Aside from all the well-known health benefits of red wine, here in New York we have the opportunity to drink wine that is made nearby!  Try to drink wine over mixed drinks, as that usually saves calories and is better for maintaining a low sugar intake.

In addition to these tips, you should keep trying new things and have an open mind to new types of cuisines!  You never know what healthy item might just excite your taste buds!   


Wishing you a happy and healthy National Nutrition Month! And we hope to see you for dinner soon!

-The Team at Kitchen Sink