If you've been following us here at Kitchen Sink and Meyer's Olde Dutch, you know that we source every ingredient that we can locally and sustainably.  In fact, much of our produce comes straight from our our own family farm, Truckload Farm & Orchard, here in the Hudson Valley and that includes our honey!

We are especially proud of Truckload's magnificent beehives.  August 18th is National Honey Bee Day (who knew?!), which exists to raise awareness about the trouble honey bees are facing here in the U.S. and around the world.  We wanted to take this opportunity to give our little beauties a shoutout, and make sure you were introduced to some of our hardest workers.

This summer, we went from three beehives to four, and right now they are buzzing about, pollinating our local wildflowers, vegetables and making the most delicious and sweet Hudson Valley honey you can imagine.  Lucky for you, you don't have to imagine for long, because the honey they make is a key ingredient for our desserts, often mixed with marscapone or whipped cream as a topping, or as a soaking syrup for some of our favorite cakes!  If dessert is not your thing, try the Local Greens Salad at Kitchen Sink.  Truckload honey is an important component in our lemon vinaigrette!

In other news....

If you are looking for a perfect new summer cocktail, here is a little known secret:  Meyer's Olde Dutch's Ed Gibbons Brown was recently honored for creating a brand new cocktail!  "The Conquistadora" was recognized as a top 5 national finalist in the Tales of the Cocktail competition.  It is not on the menu, it is available by request to MOD Insiders (which you are!).  Read more about the inspiring history behind the cocktail here.

Aside from National Honey Bee Day, August is also known as "The Dog Days of Summer."  In honor of Bentley, Chef Brian's dog and best buddy, We want to remind you that well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome on the patio at MOD.  We know its hot out there, but before you know it, we'll be in hibernation season, so join us and soak in all the Vitamin D and sunshine that you can!  And bring your best buddy with you.

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