If you've sat at the bar at Meyer's Old Dutch, you've met Ed, our Bar Manager, Bartender-in-chief, & Craft Cocktail Commander.  Ed is often on the listening side of the conversation, so when we sat down with him we were thrilled to hear all about his favorite drinks to enjoy, his favorites to make and what he thinks the rest of us have been missing out on.  If you want the inside scoop on the genius behind the MOD cocktail menu, keep on reading...

Tell Us, What is your favorite drink to drink on the MOD menu and why?    
“Trilogy,” a sherry-based cocktail with Green Chartreuse and Torino vermouth, is bittersweet, herbal, and sessionable; strong flavors, but the low-ABV lets you keep your wits about you!

What is your favorite drink to make? 
Anything I make so often that it really gets into my muscle memory. We make a lot of Margaritas over the summer, and after a while it starts to feel like playing.
What do you look for when trying to make a new drink?  
Flavor complexity. I think about cocktails the same way one might evaluate a glass of wine: Color, aromatics, mouthfeel, finish. I like a drink to evolve, to end somewhere different than where it began, and to surprise, whether through an unusual flavor combination or unexpected finish. I also like cocktails that engage you, that tell a story. Currently,on the menu at MOD is a cocktail called “Card Trick,” served in two different glasses. The first sip has notes of spicy ginger, star anise, and caraway. The second glass, simply chilled Blanc vermouth, washes over and mellows the first. The fusion of flavors happens interactively, on your palette

What is the next big trend in mixology?
The most important trend right now is sustainability. Bars can be very wasteful in the use of citrus, straws, coasters, napkins, etc. There's finally some mainstream traction on moving away from plastic straws but we go further at MOD. Instead of citrus juice, we utilize with citric, malic, and tartaric acid to work with shelf-stable and consistent acidity. We avoid non-functional garnishes, like the ubiquitous (and useless) lime wedge. Instead of citrus twists we make aromatic tinctures from the fragrant oils of the fruit’s skin. Sustainability and ethical responsibility behind the bar are increasingly becoming factors, and I hope that trend continues.

There are often special drink/spirits associated with place… Tequila/Mexico, Ouzo/Greece, Grappa/Italy, Germany/Beer. What should Beacon’s signature spirit be?
There are a lot of beer and whiskey drinkers in Beacon, but I'd go for something less obvious. Given the Hudson Valley's Dutch colonial history, a Beacon genever (a maltier ancestor of gin) would be cool. Work with a local brewery on the mash, distill with Hudson Valley botanicals, and age in a whiskey barrel for something really unique. I'd drink it!