Between the cold temps and incessant rain, we have had to take advantage of any decent weather to start to get our plants in the ground at Truckload Farms!  It IS finally looking like spring with summer quickly approaching.   There is amazing produce coming to Kitchen Sink and Meyers Olde Dutch this season, and we can’t wait to get creative with what we are serving you.
Right now our farm has some new varieties of tomatoes planted in the field. We are very excited to be growing, and bringing to you Brandywise, a brand new kind of tomato with the amazing succulent flavor of a Brandywine heirloom but with great disease resistance. (Thanks to the researchers at Cornell University!) Overall Truckload Farm expects to have more than six varieties of tomatoes this year.   Also in the field and soon to be ready for your plates – peas, spinach, kale, swiss chard and lettuce. 

Still in the greenhouse, something new to Truckload Farm and maybe to you as well – ground husk cherry (tomatoes) also known as the cape gooseberry.  It looks a bit like a tomatillo in that it comes “wrapped” in that paper husk.  Generally they are yellow/orange and have a sweet and tart flavor with a hint of citrus!  They are delicious raw or cooked.  Since we’ve had success with tomatillos we expect these plants will be fruitful as well. The seeds were very slow to germinate and take off, but the plants are looking beautiful so we are keeping our fingers crossed for success.
Amazingly our bee family survived the winter (the Hudson Valley was hit hard with many hives dying off) and has been hard at work (we had a very early spring harvest of over twenty pounds of honey) - and with all these delicious vegetables for them to pollinate, we are sure to get one of the most wonderful batches of honey yet!

So – now that you know what we are working with, we want to hear from you! We are busy crafting and revising and tasting dishes for our summer roster, but it’s all for nothing if YOU don’t come in hungry!  If you have suggestions or favorite dishes you want to see on our menu, tweet at Chef Brain (@brianarnoff) or post it on our facebook wall!  
In the meantime, I've shared a recipe for a homemade vinaigrette with our email followers.  If you got it, I hope you are enjoying it, and if you didn't, sign up today for special access to some of my favorite seasonal recipes! 
Hope to see you soon!
-Chef Brain and The Team.



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